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The eyes of the heart

unveil the wonders of God

as the raindrops reveal

rainbows hiding in the light.

Janet Post

Eyes of the Heart Cover

Cotton Rock

Cost: $15.00

Eyes of the Heart Cover

A collection of poems.  Cost $9.95

Updated cover

Historical fiction for upper elementary readers.  Cost:  $15.00

Book Signing

Janet's Book Signing for New Book:  

 Where Two Rivers Meet, The Story of Black Hawk and Larkin G. Carter, at the Apple River Fort in Elizabeth, Illinois.

Reader Response to Cotton Rock

"Cotton Rock is a book, not just to be read, but to be truly savored long after the final page is turned. As the last word floated up from the closing paragraph and I suddenly realized I had nothing left to read, a bubble of emotion swelled my heart! This was a story I didn't want to end -and a story that I know continues without me there to bear witness; for surely these superbly rendered characters must live on! Enjoy!"  Texas Playwright Chic

"This lyrical novel almost reads like a song.  Wonderful imagery.  Gripping story.  Here is a book I’ll read more than once."  Lynn G.

"I'm a gal from the Northeast, and didn't think I'd have anything in common with folks from the Ozarks. But this book proved me wrong! Emotions like love, fear, sadness, and hope are without geographical boundaries. It's a universal story, no matter where you are from. The writing is brilliant, and the author has created real, believable characters that everyone can relate to. If you could describe a book as "music," that is how I would describe Cotton Rock. The words flowed across the page, much like the river that wove throughout.  I couldn't stop reading this book. I didn't want to stop reading this book! And I didn't know if I wanted to finish it to see what happened, or to prolong it so I wouldn't have to finish it. Well, I did finish it. But that's ok, I can't wait to read it again!"  Renee D.

Cotton Rock sells online for $15.00, and the digital eBook is only $2.99 (Kindle). Where to Buy: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Good Reads, Abebooks, Thriftbooks, Alibris, Google Books, as well as most on-line book stores.

Janet on the Radio

*Janet discussing Cotton Rock at NPR in Waco, TX

  • Cotton Rock was read on Madison, Wisconsin's NPR "Chapter a Day" (January 2014)
  • Janet's short story, "Moonlight Memories" won the Year's Best Story at  Tales from the South in Little Rock, Arkansas (October 2012)
  • Janet's writing of 30 "Alphabet Songs" won the Parent's Choice Gold Award for 2005.
  • Janet is a member of the Colorado Authors League (2018)
Cotton Rock