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Where Two Rivers Meet

Where Two Rivers Meet

The Story of Black Hawk and Larkin Gatewood Carter is adventurous, as well as informative.  The story contrasts two ways of life: that of the Native American Sac and the early pioneer.

The story alternates between the life of Black Hawk as a young native boy who must learn to survive in the wilderness, and Larkin's daughter, Delphia, age 11, who needs a pony to carry her to Miss Pittman's Parlor School for Girls. Ultimately, it is a story describing the historical and unexpected encounter between Black Hawk's grandson and Larkin and the surprising result that changed history—at least for the winter--near the Missouri River.

I came across this true story about Black Hawk, while researching my own genealogy. My distant, yet direct ancestor is Larkin Gatewood Carter. In various old news clippings and finally in the documents at Warren County Historical Society in Missouri, I came across the story of Larkin's encounter with Black Hawk.